Garry Trudeau writes political TV show

Alpha House created and written by Garry Trudeau
Michael Cavna interviews Doonesbury creator Garry Trudueau about the creation and writing of an upstart political drama TV show available through Amazon Studios. The show is called Alpha House based on the premise of this article in the New York Times wherein four U.S. Senators live together as roommates in Washington D.C. The show brings in some heavy weight actors such as John Goodman, Mark Consuelos, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloyand and debuted with a guest star Bill Murray.

Here’s an excerpt from the Cavna – Trudeau interview:

MC: Was writing for the pacing of a 24-minute comedy particularly difficult or easy, given your four-plus-decades as a supreme [print] political satirist? I?ve talked with some daily cartoonists who found the transition to TV comedy writing especially challenging.

GT: For me, all writing is hard. Experience hasn?t made it any easier, just less scary.

You can stream the pilot from

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