Video: Milt Caniff at Work

Interesting silent video of Milt Caniff, creator of Steve Canyon, Terry and the Pirates.

Via Mike Lynch

3 thoughts on “Video: Milt Caniff at Work

  1. What gem…fantastic how these great video’s keep surfacing…amazing after all these years to see your heroes at work and how they did it…

  2. I like the bit where he sees Steve Canyon reflected in the mirror top of his table then looks around the studio and can’t see anybody in the room…

  3. Wow, What a fabulous piece of history. I had a wonderful, small connection with Milton, We were both Sigma Chi’s and I got a job in Dayton , his home town, So we became friends. He presented me with the Segar award at the Illustrator’s club in New York one year, which I’ll never forget and When I did a cartoonist interview show for PBS , he was kind enough to come on. He was truely a giant in our craft.

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