Video: Professional quality Calvin and Hobbes animation

Adam Brown, animator for Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans, has animated one of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes Sunday strips. It’s interesting to see what the strip might have looked like in the hands of a professional animator.

Here’s the strip it was based off:

Calvin and Hobbes

11 thoughts on “Video: Professional quality Calvin and Hobbes animation

  1. It’s great! Smack out of the strip. Perfectly done. Makes me wonder what the Pogo films talked about on this site might have been in the hands of this pro. Thanks for providing this.

  2. Sorry folks…I think this is terrible. This video makes me even happier that Mr. Watterson never let C&H leave paper for some other medium. A real bummer.

    I know the animator worked hard but when you are taking on one of the most brilliant strips ever, you better produce brilliant work.

  3. Apples and oranges… it’s only an animation, I think people need to lighten up about these sort of things…… I think he did an excellent job transferring the look to animation…which is tough…

  4. It didn’t seem to have the same impact animated. I’ve always wondered what it would have been like to see C&H animated and now I have. I think the animator did an excellent job too.

  5. Phil,
    It is Bills apples and you said it, someone else making orange juice out of his apples.
    It is very tough to translate from one medium to another.

    Andy is correct, it did not have the same impact because we already knew how wonderful this strip was before the animation.
    It added nothing to the original and only took away from it.

  6. Apples and oranges indeed. This is a good job of turning a great strip into an animated piece. Which demonstrates, in my eyes, how much of comic strip art not just “relies” on the imagination of the reader to fill in the gaps, but “depends” on it, and why comic strips and animated cartoons are therefore two different genres.

    Next up: A crossword puzzle for the New Millenium, in which we first see the blank grid, and then watch as the words are filled in through the magic of animation. And are, of course, shared on Facebook.

  7. I really don’t see how it takes away from the original. To me their two different mediums and I thought for a simple short he did really well. It doesn’t take away from anything as far as the strips stands as far as I am concerned. I think in this age we need to toughen up a bit.
    Do we feel upset when they animate superheroes in a crap style for Staurday morning television or put the simpsons into comic books because it takes away from the show?

    Lighten up…

  8. What would have been better was if Bill Waterson himself had input. Then it would be the way he envisioned it…but this is a homage by a very talented fan who tried to stay as close to the original as he could…cudos to him. Takes a lot of time and talent to do this.

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