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Video: Pat Oliphant featured in PBS special

Editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant was featured on ¡Colores!, a New Mexico PBS program. He’s the focus of the first 8 minutes.

Via Mike Lynch

Community Comments

#1 Ann Telnaes
@ 9:44 am

No one draws like Pat Oliphant. He’s amazing.

#2 Paul Combs
@ 11:41 am

I’ll second what Ann’s comment!

#3 Paul Combs
@ 11:45 am

…second Ann’s comment!

#4 Kal Kallaugher
@ 1:31 pm

He is a one of a kind. He has influenced legions of admirers over the years… and none have matched his mastery.

#5 Pete McDonnell
@ 1:57 pm

He’s brilliant, one of the great cartoonists. Everybody doing editorial cartoons today owes him a debt.

#6 b.j. dewey
@ 12:03 pm

I could watch Oliphant draw all day. What skill! Another cartoonist I could watch draw all day would be Walt Kelly, especially when he fit four complete characters in an action shot in ONE panel.

#7 b.j. dewey
@ 12:06 pm

To Ann Telnaes: not many can draw as well as you do, either. Also thoroughly enjoy the animation and enjoy watching a video of it on the Post site.

#8 Ann Telnaes
@ 4:45 pm

Thank you; I really appreciate your kinds words. I have been feeling the need to get back to those invaluable life drawing classes again, especially after seeing Oliphant’s drawings. Kal’s right, though- Oliphant is a master. No one comes close.

#9 Jeff Darcy
@ 11:18 am

“No one draws like Oliphant” There’s some French guy
named Honore Daumier who kinda did. Sculpted like Oliphant

I had seen this footage before on another program. But never
get tired of it. Didn’t see an editor around. Does he keep
them in a closet in his studio?

#10 Milt Priggee
@ 7:52 am

There’s two levels of cartooning….Oliphant is one and the other is everybody else.

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