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Scott Stantis talks web comics

Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist and Prickly City creator Scott Stantis has been doing web casts and talking to other cartoonists. In this latest one, he talks to Scott Meyers, creator of the web comic Basic Instructions.

Community Comments

#1 Brian Fairrington
@ 8:10 pm

Is it me or does the video go black after the commercial…I can see and hear the commercial but when Scott starts the webcast there is only audio and no video

#2 Mike Lester
@ 8:12 am

“5000 unique visitors / day”? Did I hear that correctly?
Well written.

#3 Jeff Darcy
@ 10:14 am

Couldn’t see it either. Got a glimpse of Scott’s bow tie,or was
that Tucker Carlson? then it goes dark -like the profession itself

#4 Keith Brown
@ 5:32 pm

I could see it all. Thanks Scott.

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