14 Editorial cartoonists make the NRA blacklist

An NRA blacklist of individuals and associations that “have officially endorsed anti-gun positions” is making the rounds across the internet. The list includes media outlets, individuals, corporations, journalists, national figures, celebrities and singled out on the list are 14 editorial cartoonists. Those cartoonists include:

Tony Auth
Steve Benson
Jim Borgman
Stuart Carlson
Mike Lane
Mike Luckovich
Jimmy Margulies
Jim Morin
Mike Peters
Kevin Siers
Ed Stein
Tim Toles
Garry Trudeau
Don Wright

Due to the left leaning number of editorial cartoonists, I’m sure there are many, many more.

Hat tip: Matt Wuerker

27 thoughts on “14 Editorial cartoonists make the NRA blacklist

  1. Yup ? this list is as accurate and up-to-date as everything else the NRA is saying. Party like its 1999, dudes!

  2. first they came after the Second Amendment, once that gets eviscerated they’ll come after the First Amendment

  3. Reading the second amendment one finds no mention of private gun ownership as the language was carefully crafted to discourage it. This ‘right’ only came much later in Supreme Court decisions by what are now known as ‘activist’ Justices. You know they ‘eviscerated’ it. Go figure.

    Every library has ‘The Federalist Papers’ for any patriot who cares to use somewhat accurate rhetoric to oppose political gun legislation; but Fox News and the NRA throw up enough flack to make error irrelevant for the most part.

  4. It’s people like Mr Rex, who wants to take away rights from the people, that gun owners fear. Mr Rex wants to change the 2nd Amendment because he doesn’t like it. Well Mr Rex, I don’t like your speech, so perhaps we should do away with the 1st Amendment….and so the slippery slope begins.

  5. Excuse me Mr Rex, but your “interpretation” of the Second Amendment was not upheld by the Supreme Court.You said that private ownership isn’t a right and the Supremes got it wrong. Well, that’s too bad, but it is the law and you want to overturn the Second Amendment as it currently stands. Well, I doubt if you and your anti-gun rights friends will prevail, but we’ll see. BTW, I haven’t said anything to warrant your snide behavior.

  6. Hey Rex, my posted comment states history and is not an ‘interpretation’. You are ‘interpreting’ my comment and giving it a polarized meaning of your own.

    Don’t confuse ‘snide’, which describes your post, with one clearly stated as are my own. I imply nothing, but state my own opinions.

    “You say you’ll change the constitution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change your head
    You tell me it’s the institution
    Well, you know
    You better free you mind instead”
    Lennon and McCartney

    Turn off the puppet show, it is only a distraction.

  7. Oh and that hopey-change stuff? Worked out just fine; 4 more years and reds turning blue.

    Oh lordy Kum-bah-f*ckin’-ya all night long baby!

    be gone or I’ll taunt you a third time!

  8. We need to do something to prevent another Sandy Hook or Aurora or Virginia Tech. It took a classroom full of dead children to finally provoke a debate. Too damn late for those kids and those teachers and their families and friends. The NRA is a crackpot outfit run by wackos, now they’re putting out blacklists on cartoonists? Wonder how many death threats these guys are getting.

  9. Probably none, since the people who oppose those violent gun loving extremists are peaceful, gentle, non violent and would never use a weapon of any kind, right?

  10. The stark, barefaced, coldblooded selfishness of these people is truly astonishing. I even hesitate to congratulate these 14 cartoonists because it’s basically the equivalent of getting on the hate list of some precociously sociopathic eight-year-old.

  11. I have nothing against guns, but all the gun owners I know, and I know a lot, all share a deeply felt grudge against the world for imagined wrongs, and as a result have an enormous chip on their shoulder, and the anger that comes with that.

    I can easily imagine simply repealing the second amendment as obsolete, since it was written before the US had a standing army, and letting the chips fall where they may.

    Cars aren’t mentioned in the Constitution, but buying and owning one have never been a problem!

  12. I had some experience with NRA backlash from a toon I did several years ago. I spent an hour on the phone with the head NRA rep. in Missouri. Make no mistake. The NRA , just like organized religion, is a business. The traffic in fear for profit’s sake and these days people are religious about thier guns. I can’t understand why those among us who apprear to be the most well armed are also the most frightend. What does it say about a society where those who are armed with guns are afraid of words and pictures?

  13. Heard a good one today regarding Ted Nugent being a republican guest at the State of the Union address tonite,but I don’t know who said it,
    “If they held the State of the Union address at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ted Nugent wouldn’t be able to get in!”

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