Shoe cartoonist Chris Cassatt passes at age 66

Chris Cassatt

Chris Cassatt, who became Jeff MacNelly’s assistant in 1993 on the comic strip Shoe has passed away after battling cancer. Chris was introduced to Jeff through Mother Goose and Grimm creator Mike Peters and thus began a collaboration that lasted until Jeff’s passing in 2000. Chris was instrumental in helping Jeff use computers to streamline his work. After Jeff’s passing, Chris carried on with Shoe with Jeff’s widow Susie and Gary Brookins.

The Aspen Times, where Chris got his start in the 1970s, has a wonderful write up to the type of individual Chris was.

Cassatt’s naturally subversive sense of humor came out most strongly when he began running his cartoon creation for various local and state offices. After candidate Sal A. Mander was thrown off the ballot in an Aspen mayoral election on the shaky (in Aspen, anyway) grounds that he was not a “real person,” Cassatt legally changed his name to Sal A. Mander and ran for Colorado governor in 1978, finishing fifth in a six-candidate contest.

Responding to the death of Chris, Susie MacNelly tells me, “All I can picture is Chris, Jeff and Jake making comic mayhem wherever they are and yucking it up.” Jake is Jeff’s son who died in 1996 in a rock-climbing accident.

There will be a write-up posted on later today regarding Chris’s passing.

Chris leaves behind his wife Lauren and two children, Alex and Hayley.

5 thoughts on “Shoe cartoonist Chris Cassatt passes at age 66

  1. I had some correspondence with Chris yeas ago as a fan of “Shoe”. He was thoughtful and generous in his thoughts. He will be missed. I want to express my thanks to Sue and Jeff for today’s “Shoe” that let fans know of Chris’ passing. I am sure that Jeff and Chris are collaberating again.

  2. Heartfelt condolences. I have read and enjoyed Shoe for years without really knowing anything about the writers/cartoonists. Now I do. Today’s comic strip was an excellent way to let readers know the news.

  3. I read about Chris’s death in the comic strip. I;m sorry for the great loss and hope his family and friends know many of us cared for him by enjoying “Shoe.” D. Willis

  4. Today’s strip was very thoughtfully and respectfully written. It caused me to look up Chris’ obit. I’m glad I know more about the originators of one of my favorite comic strips. R.I.P.

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