Another great obituary about Chris Cassatt

From the Treetops Tattler’s own Perfesser Cosmo Fishhawk (AKA Michael Cleverly, Chris’s oldest friend):

Artist, cartoonist, writer, photographer, Chris Cassatt was sane?.pretty much. He reached the milestone of helming the nationally syndicated comic strip ?SHOE? for one thousand weeks (almost 13 years) in February of 2012, and at that time mental health professionals declared Cassatt to still be in possession of several of his marbles. His physician announced, ?I feel completely comfortable in using the term, ?sane-ish? to describe Mr. Cassatt?s psychological condition.?

For some time people had thrown around the phrase ?idiot savant? when Cassatt?s name came up, something many felt was a reckless and unfair characterization as few could figure out where the ?savant? part fit in. Thanks to extensive studies conducted at some very prestigious institutions, researchers were able to determine that ?savant? referred to Cassatt?s ability to earn a living by being an idiot. ?It was a real breakthrough gushed the doctors. It gave hope to idiots everywhere.?

There’s something refreshing about reading obituary after obituary that read more like a humor column instead of… well… an obituary. Sure sign of a great life and great friends.

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