The Onion: Jim Davis and Taylor Swift are “canoodling”

From the venerable fake news source:

Jim Davis and Taylor Swift

“Taylor and Jim were first spotted canoodling in a SoHo bar last night, and we were able to confirm today that the two are indeed an item,” Gawker contributor Janice Reynolds wrote of the relationship between the nearly 23-year-old singer-songwriter and the 67-year-old syndicated cartoonist, nicknaming the couple “Tayvis.”

3 thoughts on “The Onion: Jim Davis and Taylor Swift are “canoodling”

  1. Our next item up for auction is a set of fuzzy and frisky Garfield love letters. A perfect match if you own the stale Peanuts love letters leftover from the 1970s.

  2. I canoodled when I was young. Gangnam style, as I recall, when Taylor wasn’t as swift and Jim owned a real kitty and onions oozed onion juice instead of news…

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