Books: Foxtrot collection Jasotron: 2012

Jasotron: 2012

I have a couple of other Foxtrot collections on my bookshelf. I’ve always liked Bill Amends work and was sad when it was announced he was dropping the strip to be Sunday only back in 2006. “Jasotron: 2012: A FoxTrot Collection” is a collection of his strips that ran in 2012.

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  1. Despite its title, Alan, this is NOT a collection of 2012 Sundays. The strip Bill did for April 11, 2010, which is part of “One Fine Sunday in the Funny Pages,” is included in this book.

  2. From the Andrews McMeel listing:

    “As the 27th FoxTrot comic collection, Jasontron: 2012 features all full-color Sunday strips published from September 2009 to Spring 2012.”

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