Books: BBXX Baby Blues Decades 1 & 2

Baby Blues Decades 1 & 2

Andrews McMeel knows how to print a really nice collection. “BBXX: Baby Blues: Decades 1 & 2” is as the title alludes the first 20 years of the comic strip Baby Blues by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott. The book is well bound and designed. But when in comes to books, it’s what is inside that really matters and BBXX has a lot of cool content in addition to the strips.

A generous foreword was written by Cathy creator Cathy Guisewhite, the introduction by Jerry. And then each strip following has a fair bit of comments and notes by the creators about that particular strip. I’ve always enjoyed that feature for collections that contain them. Since we all relate to a comic from personal experience, it’s insightful to know the original creator’s experience or backstory. Also included: several side stories, sketches, bios and history.

It’s a great collection and worthy of the strip. Retails $35 or about $20 on Amazon.