Mr. Burns stumps for Governor Romney

The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns is endorsing Governor Romney for president.

10 thoughts on “Mr. Burns stumps for Governor Romney

  1. Ouch!

    Thanks for sharing this Alan. I’ve had my TV off for the last 2 months because I can’t stand the political ads so I haven’t been catching the Simpsons either 🙂

  2. Actually, if you watch the nightly barrage of nastiness hurled at Republicans on network and cable TV shows, you’d know why Republicans despise Hollywood. It’s a left-wing propaganda machine for the DNC. If you don’t see it, then you’ve got to be deaf, dumb, and blind.

  3. Sadly, except for an occassional barb thrown Obama’s way in Jay Leno’s monologue, there isn’t any evidence that the Democrats get the same crap hurled at them like the Republicans get. It’s the truth and evident nightly.

  4. That storm did it for Romney I reckon. Ol’ Bronco was shrewd enough to open the storm relief tap, at least until election day. Seems like God’s will, but most likely ‘Red’ polarization is more the truth.
    I don’t see a nickel’s worth of difference between the candidates on issues, mainly because Romney came around to saying ‘I’m with the President’ on every key issue. And now he cries that Obama didn’t keep all the promises he made as a candidate. The man is a baffoon.

    Proudly not voting since 1976! Just say no. OWS!

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