60 years of MAD Mag analyzed by Fast Company

Susan Karlin looks at the new coffee table book “Totally Mad” about the last 60 years of MAD Magazine for Fast Company magazine.

The original Mad men were a group of subversive cartoonists and writers poking fun at anything that carried the slightest hint of authority. Today?s editorial crop have a much harder job–satirizing folks who have grown up with Mad and are in on the joke. On a tear of shameless shilling for its new 60th anniversary coffee table book, Totally Mad, editor John Ficarra weighs in on how the iconic magazine has kept up with the times.

Nice slideshow of covers over the years.

Via Tom Richmond.

One thought on “60 years of MAD Mag analyzed by Fast Company

  1. One of my cartoons made it in the book! I’ve been contributing to MAD since 2007, and I was thrilled to be included.

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