Interviewed: Richard Thompson on the end of Cul de Sac

Rob Tornoe interviewed Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson about the decision to end the strip. Some of the answers are canned responses that I’ve seen else where. But a couple include new information.

Now that you’ve created a bit of free time for yourself, do you have the strength to work on any personal projects that you’ve pushed off to the side over the years?

I’m still getting used to the cessation of deadlines. The sudden silence is deafening, though pleasant.

When you look back at the success of “Cul de Sac” in such a terrible market for comic strips, what comes to mind, or what are you most proud of?

I’m most happy with the characters, how they got away from my conscious control and seemed to have a life somewhere off the page. I feel like I was a witness and chronicler of their lives and exploits, and I think I did them justice. Though I’ll bet Alice wishes I’d drawn her prettier and Petey wishes I hadn’t drawn him at all.