Ann Telnaes releases editorial cartoon app for election

POTUS Pick app by Ann Telnaes
Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes has released a new interactive editorial cartoon app for the iPad and iPhone called “POTUS Pick.”

From the press release:

Telnaes has been intrigued by how apps could allow cartoonists to approach
editorial cartoons in new ways. “In print, users are passive – meaning
that editors determine what they see.” She adds “Online, readers have
more content choice but it’s still a passive experience. With apps, the
evolution of the relationship between users and cartoons takes a big step
forward due to the potential for interactive and non-linear content.”

Telnaes created 24 original animation sequences for POTUS Pick. Users
experience and navigate among the sequences using a combination of
touching, dragging and shaking their devices. Telnaes notes that “the
number of ways a user may proceed through the app cartoon is greater than
the number of Romney gaffes.”

The app was produced with The Cartoonists Group. The app has links to more than 1,000 election-related cartoons from The Cartoonist Group and a searchable database for reprints of comic strips and editorial cartoons by 50+ leading cartoonists.

The app costs $.99.

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