Farewell to Cul de Sac

The last Cul de Sac

Today is the last Cul de Sac in syndication. I use the qualification “in syndication” because of my personal hope that Richard Thompson will be able to return to it at some point in the future.

Richard’s assistant Stacy Curtis observed the day by placing a wooden heart on a manhole cover:

Every time I pass this manhole cover on my bike ride, I imagine Alice Otterloop doing a dance on it. So I made this little wooden heart, glued a magnet on it and stuck it to the manhole cover today as a tribute to Alice and her little dances in Richard Thompson’s comic strip “Cul de Sac,” which ends today.

Here’s my request to any one over at Andrews McMeel Universal. Please, please, please publish a complete Cul de Sac collection. It would go great next to my complete Calvin & Hobbes and complete Far Side collections.

8 thoughts on “Farewell to Cul de Sac

  1. I like Stacy’s tribute on the manhole cover and I know every time I see one I’ll think not only of Alice on it but also Petey in an animated version where he says he hates being “in the moment.” That’s the kind of fun and sensitivity you don’t see enough of in comics. I agree a collection of comics is needed.

  2. Richard tore the bar down built a new bar, put it on stilts and then put it on one of those crazy elephants that he draws! That elephant is walking through the parade of greatness. Who can keep up?
    I bet he is sitting in that bar right now being as humble as always…
    Richard Thompson changed comic strips forever… but that is my humble opinion.

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