New Yorker cartoon banned on Facebook

The New Yorker cartoon editor Robert Mankoff responds to a cartoon by Mick Stevens that was banned on Facebook because it depicted a naked Adam and Eve.

The New Yorker has a Facebook page, which a lot of you like, or maybe it’s just one person with a lot of time on their hands, liking the page over and over again. But in any case, it’s a whole lotta like. We like that.

What we don’t like is that we got temporarily banned from Facebook for violating their community standards on “Nudity and Sex,” by posting this Mick Stevens cartoon:

Mick Stevens cartoon

Facebook’s policy specifically bans “female nipple bulges” but also says “male nipples are ok.”

5 thoughts on “New Yorker cartoon banned on Facebook

  1. The New Yorker wrote a funny piece about this, showing the difference between the nipples and even a mock-touch up of the comic where both characters are fully clothed and the joke no longer happens.

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