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Profiled: Pulitzer Prize winner, OSU alumnus Nick Anderson

The Latern profiles Pulitzer Prize editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle.

He catches a lot of flack for daring to not be Republican in Texas.

“There’s a lot of people here that cannot stand me, wondering why the newspaper has a staff cartoonist that’s out of step with Texas politics. It’s a lot more interesting than it would be if I was just in San Francisco and singing to the choir,” Anderson said. “I don’t think it’s particularly healthy to live your lives without your opinions ever being challenged.”

Here’s one of his drawings from the Republic National Convention:

Community Comments

#1 Michael Pohrer
@ 9:44 am

Nick is a great friend and fantastic cartoonist!

#2 Drew Litton
@ 10:50 am

I’m thankful for Nick’s brilliant cartoons and enlightened points of view that prove there is intelligent life here on Planet Texas.

#3 Eric Allie
@ 9:28 pm

When did Texas last have a conservative cartoonist? There’s Nick and Etta Hulme, Ben Sargent, John Branch, Richard Bartholomew.

#4 Chuck Akira Brubaker
@ 11:06 pm

Is Bill DeOre still drawing? He’s conservative and based in Texas (Dallas, I think)

#5 Stacy Curtis
@ 12:05 am

Is Nick the only full-time editorial cartoonist in Texas?

#6 Pete McDonnell
@ 11:35 am

That Eastwood speech was manna from heaven for editorial cartoonists…the gift that keeps on giving. Eastwood’s a lot of fun to caricature, for one thing!

#7 Drew Litton
@ 1:03 pm

Stacy, that would be a “Yes”.
Bill De Ore isn’t with the Morning News anymore. I think Ben, John and Flint still draw occasionally. Not familiar with Richard’s work.

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