Patrick McDonnell pays tribute to Schulz, Peanuts

Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell is paying tribute to Charles Schulz and Peanuts in a story-line that runs this week. Sparky once called Mutts “one of the best comic strips of all time” and this week Patrick tips his hat back.

Here’s a sneak peak for a couple of panels to run later this week:

You can read Mutts on

10 thoughts on “Patrick McDonnell pays tribute to Schulz, Peanuts

  1. @Birdie. Who the hell is Shulz?! Half of ANY tribute is spelling the person’s name correctly.

  2. At least three key similarities I see in ‘Peanuts” and “Mutts” are the gentle humor, the character sensitivity, and the minimalist drawings which bring all that out so well.

    BTW, I bet that if Schulz had seen “Cul de Sac,” he’d also praise Richard Thompson.

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