Avengers, Braves to be re-released Labor Day weekend

Walt Disney Studios announced they were re-releasing two of their films, Avengers and Disney/Pixar’s Brave, again this weekend for some last minute summer movie cash.

From LA Times:

An end-of-summer push has been attempted before by the studio – last year, “Cars 2,” which first hit theaters in June, expanded from around 200 theaters to more than 2,000 during the Labor Day holiday and grossed $1.8 million.

“We wanted to try it again and use messaging that says, ‘Get it while you can, one last time before these films head to video,’” Disney’s executive vice president of distribution Dave Hollis said.

Re-releases aren’t new. I hadn’t noticed any same-season releases before, but it works out in my favor. We missed Avengers (gasp!) while in theaters the first time around and my son wants to see it in a theater for his birthday this weekend. Thank you Disney greed!

6 thoughts on “Avengers, Braves to be re-released Labor Day weekend

  1. To call a business which out to make money on their product and investment “greedy” is pretty scary. Maybe we should all just stop trying to make money and just give it away.

  2. Hollywood movies tend to be very seasonal. With the end of the summer, this is Disney’s last chance to sell their product in the theater. Everyone in the industry benefit’s from these films being successful.

  3. And I must admit to a double standard, as I loathe the greed in the industries of petroleum, pharm and health care….Somehow it don’t seem so bad when you’re making money off of comics and animation.

  4. I think it’s a good idea to give people another chance at seeing these flicks in the theaters. It’s a smart move and also a good opportunity for the people who just happened to miss them the first time. Seeing a blockbuster like The Avengers on the big screen is a better choice than watching it at home anyway, IMHO.

  5. I’m with you, Pete. Both of these films SHOULD be enjoyed on the big screen. Assuming you have are lucky enough to have a local theater as nice and clean and (relatively) well-run as ours is.

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