Syndicate offers focused political content via social media

Using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest Universal Uclick has created three social media channels for specific liberal and conservative political content for the election season.

GoComics, a part of Universal Uclick, has developed new Facebook pages and Twitter accounts where fans of these political leanings can receive focused comics that they are apt to share. These accounts will be used to share the most recent editorial content in a partisan fashion, along with our @GoComicsPolitix Twitter presence sharing current events illustrations. For additional engagement, each account will give followers the chance to win signed print giveaways of political cartoons and engage with our creators via live-tweet sessions. In addition to the Facebook and Twitter accounts, Universal Uclick has established politically leaning Pinterest boards to host edgy pro-right and pro-left editorial content.

Here’s the URLs to the relevant political channels:




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  1. I always wanted comics to be a vehicle for getting me to work with a small energy footprint.

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