Spot The Cartoonist ending?

Sad news from Anne Hambrock about her blog Spot the Cartoonist:

Also, since launching this site, I started the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning and am also working on developing a speaker’s bureau for cartoonists and, frankly, those endeavors take a tremendous amount of time and energy and will probably yield better results as far as getting the public to be excited about meeting cartoonists.

So, the bottom line is that I am putting this site on hiatus and may suspend it permanently. For the time being I will leave it up as an archive and, if I start getting input from a lot of people that they want me to continue it, I will.

I know first hand the amount of effort it takes to compile information for the masses. Not an easy gig.

2 thoughts on “Spot The Cartoonist ending?

  1. Compiling information for the masses is probably just as profitable as publishing a cartooning magazine and traveling a cartoon art exhibit. Maybe I should take over Spot the Cartoonist for Anne!

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