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Interviewed: Vic Lee talks about his Mia character in Pardon My Planet

Mia character in Pardon My Planet

Interesting interview with Vic Lee, creator of Pardon My Planet.

DailyINK: Tell us a little bit about Mia: Who is she and what is her role in PARDON MY PLANET?

Vic: Truth is, I don?t write for my characters. I created the characters as archetypes to represent the dominant concepts I write for. In general, Jesse and Norris represent my wife and me. Other than that, I tend to write gags as they come to me and then figure out which character the gag fits best. I was a bartender for 10 years and heard a lot of regrettable lines and pick-up attempts by drunken patrons (not directed at me but between others). Mia tends to be the sober voice of honesty and reason in the relationship department, which is why she is never in one.

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#1 Bill Holbrook
@ 7:30 am

A few ago, instead of interviewing me, the DailyINK interviewed my “Fastrack” character Dethany.

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