London Olympics has an official cartoonist

2012 London Olympic official artist Nicholas Garland

Most Olympics that I can remember have had a cartoonist or two covering them for their respective papers, but this the first time I’ve heard of an Olympics with a commissioned official artist. Covering the London Olympics and Paralympics is political cartoonist Nicholas Garland.

From the London Evening Standard:

“The brief is really very wide – he did not say I want this many drawings or that, or this medium or technique – just draw what interests you, and what you see, and finish with a graphic record. There are the famous Zil lanes and many cultural events, but I am not going to do any cartoons about the Olympics or approach it in a satirical vein.”

The works are expected to go on display in an exhibition or publication.

4 thoughts on “London Olympics has an official cartoonist

  1. Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but how about some cartoons depicting the Olympics which are actually funny yet non–offensive? To me, this one is more worthy of a Leroy Neiman-mural than anything done by the creators of Tank McNamara.

  2. ‘Funny yet not offensive’…….?

    YEAH- we want out funny bone tickled without demeaning ANY…body, place, thing, sport, weather, sexual orientation, culture, ideology, religion, race or creed. But most of all …..the Olympics are NOT to be laughed at or about… after all…’s THE OLYMPICS!

    FYI- A Leroy Neiman mural is art, Tank McNamara is a comic strip.

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