Visions of Comic Book Hall of Fame in Cleveland

The Plain Dealer is reporting that a New York man, Roger Rautio, is hoping to build a Comic Book Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. Aside from a logo, trademark and a handful of comics, it appears the vision is still very much a hope than on a track to reality.

Also, he notes, comic books and rock music have a lot in common, which is why it makes sense for both halls of fame to be in Cleveland.

“In 1953, Congress was ready to ban both of them, and held hearings on that, but the professions banded together and rock and roll and comic books survived,” he says. Really.

He’s ready to get started. “The annual induction event is going to happen almost immediately,” Rautio says. “We don’t have a date yet.

A hall of fame for comic books in Cleveland is appropriate given that it’s the birthplace of Superman – DC’s arguments that Superman was born on Krypton notwithstanding.

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  1. It would be years until a Comic Book Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland gets built…

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