Stephan Pastis sells out first of two Pittsburgh events

Stephan Pastis is taking his game to Pittsburgh. He’ll be at the Toonseum this weekend for two engagements (first one is already sold out) – both require tickets. According to the promotional material, Stephan will talk about his strip, his conversion from lawyer to cartoonist and show some of his best work. A book signing is also planned along with an exhibit of his original work at the Toonseum.

Stephan Pastis with Pearls Before Swine characters

One thought on “Stephan Pastis sells out first of two Pittsburgh events

  1. I read the first four words of your headline and thought, “Finally! Someone called out Pastis for his cynical ‘cartooning’ flim-flammery!” Then I continued and realized this was a largely positive article except for those unfortunate souls in Pittsburgh.

    Well. Fine.

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