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Stephan Pastis to release yet another collection

Pearls Freaks the #*%# Out

I gave Stephan Pastis a hard time when his last Pearls Before Swine collection came out because the title was so long (Because Sometimes You Just Gotta Draw a Cover with Your Left Hand: A Pearls Before Swine Collection) and the fact that it seemed like he came out with a book every other month. Well, he’s got ANOTHER book coming out in September and I think the title is awesome. As is the cover. You can already pre-order it from Amazon with their price guarantee. It should be noted this is a treasury (264 pages) as opposed to the yearly collection (or bi-monthly in Stephan’s case).

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 2:51 pm

Yearly, bi-monthly, who cares? For entirely selfish reasons, I hope he sells a million of them.

#2 SJ Stone
@ 6:24 am

This one looks great. I’ll buy it just for the cover!

#3 Eric Burke
@ 6:39 pm

Every cartoonist should be lucky enough to be able to put out all the collections they want. I’d kill for some Robotman collections!!! And more Monty collections!!

#4 christina craver
@ 10:40 am

All my FAVs in one package, Freaks, sideshows and Pearls. great cover!

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