Help Stay Tooned! Magazine win small business grant

Stay Tooned!

John Read, the publisher of Stay Tooned! magazine, has applied for a grant by Chase and LivingSocial for $250,000 and would like your support to qualify. To lend your support, visit and login (they make you use your Facebook credentials which means they will have access to certain information about you such as your email address, your likes such as music, tv, movies, books, quotes). Once logged in, search for Madison, Mississippi and then scroll down to Stay Tooned! and vote. That’s it.

John tells me he’ll be using the money to keep publishing Stay Tooned! and allow for some advertising and promotion of the magazine to a wider audience.

5 thoughts on “Help Stay Tooned! Magazine win small business grant

  1. As a charter subscriber to StayTooned, I went to the website to try and cast my +1 vote. However, the “Login with FB” button didn’t work — neither with FireFox nor Chrome. Sigh…


  2. John has selflessly done so much for our cartooning profession. Let’s help thank him by casting a vote so he may qualify for a grant!

  3. Anything to help John and to keep this fantastic publication in print.

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