Team Cul de Sac auction raises $47k; Watterson painting sold for $13k

The Team Cul de Sac auction came to an end last night. I can’t help but think Chris Sparks, the team organizer, is genuinely pleased with the results. Collectively the auctioned raised over $47,000 (minus fees, etc.). The most watched item was Bill Watterson’s oil painting of Petey Otterloop which sold for $13,145.00.

Bill Watterson's Petey Otterloop

You can view the auction summary notes, but here is the top 10 pieces by bid value:

Amount Description
1. $13,145.00 Bill Watterson Petey Otterloop Painting Original Art (2011)
2. $2,868.00 Stephan Pastis Alice Traps the Family Circus Kids Comic Strip Original Art (2012)
3. $2,031.50 Richard Thompson Team Cul de Sac Cover Illustration Original Art (2011).
4. $1,912.00 Patrick McDonnell Hand Colored Illustration Original Art (2011)
5. $1,792.50 Patrick McDonnell Little Neuro’s Bed Illustration Original Art Group (2011)
6. $1,314.50 R. Sikoryak Gouache Blue Period Illustration Original Art (2011).
7. $836.50 Sergio Aragones Groo the Wanderer and Alice Illustration Original Art (2011).
8. $776.75 Lincoln Peirce Otterloopy Comic Strip Original Art (2011).
9. $776.75 Jim Davis Studios/Eric Reaves Petey and Alice Meet Charlie Brown Hand Colored Comic Strip Original Art (2011).
10. $507.88 Mason Mastroianni Alice in Stone Illustration Original Art (2011).

3 thoughts on “Team Cul de Sac auction raises $47k; Watterson painting sold for $13k

  1. Nice job, Mason! To be included with Watterson, Pastis, Thompson, McDonnell, Sikoryak, Sergio, Peirce and Jim Davis … wow! That’s incredible. Pops would be very proud! As am I. 🙂

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