Cartoonist Studio contest begins tomorrow for entrants

Just a friendly reminder to anyone interested in participating in The Cartoonist Studio’s latest contest. This first contest (a related second contest launches later this summer) kicks off on Monday the 11th for public viewing, but starting tomorrow entrants can start uploading their cartoons. This contest requires participants to publish two single panel politically themed cartoons each week for 10 weeks to be judged by the public and a jury of professional cartoonists. Rules are available on their website.

Good luck to the contestants.

2 thoughts on “Cartoonist Studio contest begins tomorrow for entrants

  1. Good luck everyone!!! I am skipping this one as it doesn’t fit my style…. Most people say I don’t have style, or class…. or taste……..

    I hope the judging makes better sense this time. Which is another reason for me passing…. 🙂 The voting turned the last contest into a “who has more friends” contest……..

  2. I wish them all luck as well!

    There is some good stuff in the new contest (and some not). An unsurprising low number of contestants as well.

    I had you, Mr. Jones of Charmy’s Army, figured for top ten at least in the last contest and that didn’t happen. Wacky judging indeed. Those 12,000 votes some people were getting was nothing short of hilarious. They must have quit their jobs to self-vote. Ha ha ha.

    I haven’t checked to see what kind of numbers contestants are getting this go around. I’ll just go on hoping the judging leans towards the fair side a bit more.

    I’m glad you’re continuing you strip. You’re a fine artist!


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