Interviewed: Brendan Burford interviews Mike Peters

King Features comics editor Brendan Burford talks to editorial cartoonist and Mother Goose and Grimm creator Mike Peters about his career and family.

Brendan: Do you ever sit there and take stock of all of the accolades. Does this validate your career, having been recognized by your peers and by judges? There are baseball players that say that the numbers are great and all, but they would rather reflect on them one day when they retire. But cartoonists never retire, so you can’t give me that answer. Besides, you’re in your prime now – are you able to reflect on your achievements.

Mike: [Laughs]. I only feel I’m as good as the cartoon I’m working on that day. And sometimes I’ll have one I like and one I don’t like in the same day – it’s to-and-fro. Winning awards is amazing to me, but even more amazing is making a living doing what I love. And this is what I’m going to be talking about to the graduates. I’ve been blessed to be living my dream. They pay me money for this, and I’m amazed at that. And every cartoonist I know feels the same way – that we’re doing what we would do, regardless of where we are. It’s a true blessing.

On an aside, here is an interview with Mike Peters on KTNV News:

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