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Reuben Award Weekend Notes: Stan Goldberg

Stan Goldberg

Note: I live tweeted this session so in essence, by tweets are my notes.

We’re starting up the panels and speakers for the day. First up: Stan Goldberg.
Stan is also being inducted into NCS hall of fame tonight.
Stan’s giving us a review of his early work in illustration/advertising and art school pieces.
Started working at Marvel at age 17. He worked on many of the iconic characters. Left to do freelance work.
Stan is recounting working with Stan Lee on Fantastic Four and a comic called Kathy, the teen-age tornado.
Stan’s career went into illustrations in fashion magazines.
Marvel had rights to several cartoon features (e. g. Mighty Mouse, foofur, three stooges) that he worked on.
Drew Archie Comics. Stan loved and never got tired of drawing it. Feels proud to have drawn a piece of Americana.
Stan shows us “Archie Meets the Punisher”. He drew the cover. Punisher? Archie? Yup.
Parenthetically tweeting, Jim Davis is two seats in front of me. He looks like a million dollars. A LOT of million dollars.
Stan has done such a wide variety of projects. It’s quite amazing.
Stan stopped drawing Archie at issues 600-602, the Archie gets married series. Felt like he was walking away on top.
They put out a “Best of Stan Goldberg” Archie collection. Stan says his best of is whatever he’s working on now and tomorrow.
Stan receives a standing ovation when he finishes his presentation.

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