Reuben Award Weekend Notes: Mark Simon

Mark Simon is a cartoonist, producer, director, writer, lecturer and he talked about how to get free advertising through publicity. It was a HUGE amount of information in a little over an hour’s time. He outlined 16 ways to get increase your visibility. I’ll outline them here.

1. Pitch a story, not a product to the media
2. Find a hook to catch the attention of an editor/producer
3. Create News – think viral videos
4. Give the media great images. When the media is running a story – having great visuals helps sell the story.
5. Write press release
6. Write an article
7. Call personal press contacts – make sure you know and build a relationship with important reporters/editors
8. Post press releases to PR and Article Sites
9. Enlist Help – ask people in your network to help you get word out or reach someone important
10. Post on blogs – Make sure it’s something that will stand out
11. Become the local expert/local connection that the local media brings on to talk about larger issues (you can instigate this – don’t wait for them to call you)
12. Be Controversial – media loves energy, animation and conflict.
13. Local Morning Shows
14. Press Event – if you’re doing something big enough, invite the whole media over at one time for a demo
15. Radio – You can get lots of air time
16. Follow up – send thank you notes, sketches. Grease the wheels so they want to work with you again

A few follow up items: be passionate about what you’re promoting
There is no such thing as bad publicity – people remember names longer than the reason why they remember it