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Two spiked comic strips you may not have seen

Spiked Zits by the Washington Post

Michael Cavna reports that the Washington Post pulled a recent Zits because it was “mite too graphic and gruesome as breakfast-table fare“. Zits co-creator Jim Borgman wrote on the Zits blog, “sometimes we push the envelope on purpose, but we never saw this one coming.”

Spike Arctic Circle by editor

This Arctic Circle strip by Alex Hallatt was killed by her editor in the sketch stage because it was “too suggestive of male enhancement.” and editors might think Alex was “trying to sneak in something too ‘adult’ for their taste.”

Community Comments

#1 Alex Hallatt
@ 5:49 pm

I love that Zits cartoon. Perfectly exemplifies how things that would be tame in an online comic are taboo in the newspapers… and why more people are shifting online for their entertainment.

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