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NYT highlights Rage Comics

The New York Times tech section highlights a popular community created comics on Reddit called Rage Comics.

In that way, rage comics are not like the average viral YouTube video. They are more like a Bob Newhart sketch: the laughs come not from replaying the public foolishness of some stranger, but from watching the awkward reaction of the observer, who almost always appears as a character in the strip. Like Garry Trudeau?s Doonesbury strips, there is usually a punch line after the punch line in which the author reacts to the situation. But where Doonesbury characters typically react with wisecracking aplomb, rage comic characters respond with ? well, rage.

Community Comments

#1 Jim Lavery
@ 11:37 am

good perspective on the table

#2 Brian Powers
@ 11:43 am

I like how the lines of the boxes are so straight.

#3 birdie
@ 8:48 pm

It’s really neat to see a community themed project become international, but I hate the fact that people think this is a comic, or at least puts it on the same level as professional comics.

#4 Naus
@ 9:22 pm

not bad for a pre schooler, another fifteen years and they will be pros at it.

#5 Milt Priggee
@ 10:44 am

I didn’t think the NYT could go any lower than they already have….(concerning graphic commentary and entertainment)….but this example proves there is no bottom to where they intend to take the art.

#6 Gerry Mooney
@ 11:17 am

The NYT usually doesn’t cover stuff like this until it’s already passe. So there’s that.

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