Joel Pett hacks off Kentucky Fans

Joel Pett cartoon criticizes Kentucky Coach

From The Quad blog at The New York Times:

“You can draw all the cartoons you want about things like the global plight of women and it’s this kind of thing that gets people going,” Pett said in a telephone interview Tuesday.

To the Kentucky faithful, Pett is raining on their championship parade by criticizing Calipari. They would prefer to revel in the school’s first men’s basketball championship in 14 years – two lifetimes in Kentucky basketball years – rather than dwell on Calipari’s questionable ethical past, including the two vacated Final Four appearances by Calipari-coached teams at Massachusetts and Memphis that Pett references in his cartoon.

3 thoughts on “Joel Pett hacks off Kentucky Fans

  1. I grew up in SE Kentucky and I can tell you from experience, and as a teenager who had absolutely NO basketball skills, that the people of that region live, bleed, and die UK blue! Not surprised they would take offense to this cartoon, regardless of its spot-on accuracy.

  2. Based on the date of the cartoon I’m guessing KU deciding no longer to play IU in the regular season motivated the cartoon. It seems to be a sour grapes decision.

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