Who drew that Draw Something Part I

Who drew this Draw Something

Here we go with the first Draw Something.

The above drawing was drawn by one of the following:


Guess the word the artist is trying to communicate using the letters provided below the drawing.

Guess the artist who drew the drawing.

Enter your guesses in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Who drew that Draw Something Part I

  1. Godzilla – Jason Chatfield

    What do we win…a free years subscription to the Daily Cartoonist?…that’d be fantastic value..oh wait on…

  2. Stephan Pastis? He isn’t on the list…unless he’s ghosting under a pseudonym… I’ve often thought he and Jason could be twins…

  3. Oh, and great Godzilla by Jason Chatfield. Once he sent it to me, I knew I had to lead with it. I’ve drawn that godzilla drawing a couple of times now in the game and none as well as Jason.

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