Who drew that Draw Something?

Starting tomorrow, I’m kicking off a game here on The Daily Cartoonist. I’m sure many of you have heard of the app Draw Something (free and paid versions of iPad/iPhone and Android devices). Think of it as Pictionary on your phone with a friend. According to one source it took AOL nine years to acquire a million users, Facebook nine months and Draw Something only nine days.

This last week I started contacted a few well known, award winning cartoonists and asked them to send me their Draw Something drawings. The challenge for you, The Daily Cartoonist readers, is to correctly identify the object they drew AND (here’s the challenge) figure out which cartoonist drew it.

Like the real game, you’ll know how many letters are in the word and have letters to choose from. Also provided will be a list of cartoonists. In some of drawings, you can see hints of their artistic style, but because many are drawing on their phone with their finger, it might not always be apparent.

Should be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

In addition to the game described above, you’re invited to send me your best Draw Something. I will compile the best of the best and post them Friday of next week. Send them to this email address: drawsomething@dailycartoonist.com

To kick it all off, here’s one of mine recent Draw Somethings.

6 thoughts on “Who drew that Draw Something?

  1. The problem here is that half the time I’ll have fun with the game by “animating” the art. You can watch me draw, so I can be misleading, I can tell a story in multiple panels (destroying each one as I draw the next) and basically come the long way ’round to giving you the answer.

    In short, for MY DrawSomethings I need to be able to post video. 🙂

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