Team Cul de Sac art on display prior to auction

The Team Cul de Sac art will be auctioned off on May 27 and a few of the pieces are now on “display” on the Heritage Auction’s website. So far art on display include Cathy Guisewite, Mort Walker, Ron Ferdinand, Sergio Aragones, Karl Kesel, and Don Rosa with more to be added soon.

Also on display is Bill Watterson’s oil painting of Petey Otterloop which presumably will be the most sought after piece. An original watercolor of his iconic characters Calvin and Hobbes recently sold for $107,550.00.

Bill Wattersons Petey Otterloop
Bill Watterson’s Petey Otterloop

The oil painting is described as:

This small painting by Bill Watterson is the first piece of work created by the artist to be made public since he ended his Calvin and Hobbes strip in 1995. Painted in oil on heavy illustration board, the work sparkles with character. Richard Thompson commented: “After studying it pretty closely for the last consecutive 12 hours or so I can say that he’s done Petey as much justice as possible. Adding another dimension to a 2D character is a tricky business and Petey’s awkward enough in dealing with the two he’s normally confined to.” In Excellent condition. Signed by the artist with a monogram at the lower left and with his signature on the reverse.