AAEC starts fund drive for Sebastian Babin

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists is collecting money from its members for the Sebastian Babin Education Fund. The fund was created after Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Rex Babin passed away last month after battling cancer. Sebastian is the 10-year old son of Rex and his wife Kathleen.

From their website:

Rex was a hard-working and devoted member of the AAEC. It’s the board’s hope that the total amount of member donations pooled in this AAEC-administered account will represent its collective gratitude and appreciation, and likely exceed whatever amount the association could pay out of its limited funds. In addition, the AAEC is planning to place collection jars at different locations during the annual convention scheduled for Sept. 13-15 in Washington, DC.

The total amount collected will be donated to Sebastian’s Bee-administered education fund following the convention.

Visit their website for information on how to donate to the AAEC administered fund if you’re not attending the convention. You can also donate directly either through Bank of America or through the McClatchy Employees Credit Union.