Best wishes to Anne Hambrock

Anne Hambrock:

Day 1 – Broke leg in two places. Thought it was a sprain so drove stickshift car to school anyway. Afterwards retreated to bed with ice and an ace bandage and waited for my husband to whisk himself back from Indiana to help me. A full description of that day is in my previous post.

Get better Anne!

8 thoughts on “Best wishes to Anne Hambrock

  1. Thanks Rich! And thanks Alan!

    I’m mending slowly but surely. And working on the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning.

    We are going to have some great guests this year! Mark your calendars for September 27, 28 and 29.

  2. What a bummer, Anne. Cheer up, though…this way you can relax and mend while John does all the spring yard work. If you ever get to Red Wing, check out Stoney End harps at Hobgoblin Music. Get well soon!

  3. Real talent lies in making people who actually do care about you roll on the floor reading about how you broke your leg in two places and then forward your blog entry to all their friends.

    Get well soon, Anne, so you can do it again. That was great!

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