MAD Magazine exhibit planned for Cartoon Art Museum

The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco will soon be hosting a rare exhibit of MAD Magazine art according to news posted on Tom Richmond’s.

Andrew Farago, the curator for the museum writes:

Love MAD? Our next exhibition is going to be the greatest collection of MAD art ever assembled, going all the way back to MAD #1. Kurtzman covers! Elder splash pages! Aragones! Berg! Richmond! Viviano! Mingo! Drucker! Davis! Jaffee! Martin! Get yourself to San Francisco between April and September, or kick yourself later!

4 thoughts on “MAD Magazine exhibit planned for Cartoon Art Museum

  1. Whoooo hooo! For myself and all my caricaturist and cartoonist friends, this is a dream come true! I will share this with everyone I know on Facebook and Twitter – great news!

  2. It will be worth the trip just to see the original cover art from MAD #3 and #4 side by side….with a couple of splash pages from issues #2 and #4… I’ll post a rundown soon! It might be the best lineup of art I’ve gathered in my ten years here.

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