Interviewed: Darrin Bell on Candorville, Rudy Park

Tom Racine’s guest this week was Darrin Bell who does Candorville and Rudy Park (with Theron Heir).

Darrin Bell, of the most excellent “Candorville” and “Rudy Park” joins me to talk about political cartooning, his early days of newspaper work, how he snuck into offices to get his cartoons seen, how 9/11 affected his comics and everyone’s approach, whether Lamont and Susan will ever get together, and his favorite “Star Trek” TV show. (Hint: It’s NOT “Enterprise.”) This was one of those interviews you know is going well because at 55 minutes in, I realized I’d barely hit half the questions in my notes!

Also, last week was Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary fame.

Howard Tayler, the Hugo Award nominated artist and writer behind the wonderful sci-fi comic “Schlock Mercenary” joins me to talk about his recent Kickstarter success, where he and the folks at Living Worlds Games raised over $82,000 to create the Schlock Mercenary Board Game. Howard is always amazing to talk to, because he tells it like it is, both the good and the bad, and you will learn a lot about the Kickstarter process here. If you’re wondering about the inner workings of Kickstarter and

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