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Signe Wilkinson will keep her job; cartoons to run in both papers

Philadelphia Daily News editorial cartoonist Signe Wilkinson has been told her job at the paper is no longer in danger. Last week, after Tony Auth announced he was leaving the Philadelphia Inquirer, we learned that Signe’s future was dependent on 10 other individuals taking a voluntary buy-out.

Michael Cavna reports that while she and the paper are still “working out the specifics” as of Wednesday night, she will live on at the paper to skewer local and national politics and issues.

I asked Signe how secure her job was going into the future. She replied, “secure as anyone can feel in the legacy media. Still looking over my shoulder!”

UPDATE: A note on reveals more details about Signe’s job moving forward. In addition to her daily cartoon in the Daily news, her cartoons will also appear in the Inquirer on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays and on the shared website.

Community Comments

#1 b.j. dewey
@ 8:55 pm

Good news at last in the editorial cartooning business! But that’s a wise comment by Signe regarding her future: ?secure as anyone can feel in the legacy media. Still looking over my shoulder!?

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