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Matt Bors wins 2012 Herblock Prize

Congratulations are in order for Matt Bors who was named this year’s Herblock Prize winner. Matt is syndicated based out of Portland and also Comics Journalism co-editor of Cartoon Movement.

The Herblock Prize honors editorial cartoonists “preserving the rights of the American people through freedom of speech and the right of expression.” As the winner, Matt will receive a $15,000 tax free cash award and silver trophy.

Community Comments

#1 Ann Telnaes
@ 5:43 pm

So good to see this- what a great choice. Congratulations to Matt!

#2 Mike Lester
@ 5:48 pm

Congrats, little shaver.

#3 Mike Garman
@ 5:58 pm


#4 Matt Wuerker
@ 6:08 pm

Great news! Bors has been doing great work for years and truly deserves the kudos.

It also has to be said, and it’s wonderfully rich, that the guy who’s railed against the tired old trope of the obit cartoon –the dearly departed standing at the pearly gate—, that cranky guy wins this award partially on the strength of what is perhaps the best pearly gates cartoon ever drawn…. his Steve Jobs obit toon.

The cartoon gods do have a sense of humor….

#5 Pat Bagley
@ 8:51 pm

The Jobs obit was the single best cartoon of 2011. Congrats, Matt!

#6 Matt Bors
@ 1:25 pm

Thanks everyone. I can’t believe how that Jobs cartoons took off.

#7 Rich Diesslin
@ 2:15 pm


#8 Dave Stephens
@ 4:16 pm

Congratulations! That Jobs cartoon was a hoot…

#9 John Cole
@ 5:40 am

You’re the man, Matt. (Now you can afford the PBR you promised me). Congratulations!

#10 Steve Artley
@ 10:09 am

Well, I already said it on social media, but I want to add it here too. Congratulations Matt! I’ve followed your work for years (I have your book), so figured this win was inevitable. Well done!

#11 Matt Bors
@ 1:17 pm

Thanks. And John, I can even buy you *two* PBRs now!

#12 Robert Ariail
@ 8:44 am

Sorry I’m late to this- but add my congratulations to Matt. Well deserved!

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