Cul de Sac brings in 6 guest cartoonists for 5 weeks

Michael Cavna reports that six cartoonists will fill in for Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac for a five week stint stating Monday and ending March 19 for dailies and the Sunday features run March 18 through April 15. The guest cartoonists include: Mo Willems, Stephan Pastis, Lincoln Peirce and Michael Jantze, Corey Pandolph and Ken Fisher.

And artistically, Peirce experimented as he sought a middle (play)ground between his style and Thompson’s. “Part of the charm of ‘Cul de Sac’ is the loose, kind of wobbly quality of the line – it’s a far more variable and expressive line than I generally employ in my own strip – and I just wasn’t capturing any of that. So I fussed around a little bit … and ended up with something that’s closer to Richard’s style than my own, but certainly not a 100 percent attempt at imitation…because who can draw like that but Richard?”

Richard announced in January he was taking a 3-4 week hiatus to participate in physical therapy sessions for those with Parkinsons disease.

2 thoughts on “Cul de Sac brings in 6 guest cartoonists for 5 weeks

  1. It takes six to fill Richard’s shoes.
    Well, Richard made good choices, to be sure.
    I wish Richard the all the best while on hiatus and hope the treatments bring fabulous results.

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