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Robot6: 6 strips that ended too soon

Chris Mautner over at The Robot6 blog names six comic strips that he believes met “an untimely death.” He names:

Franklin Fibbs by Hollis Brown and Wes Hargis, Top of the World by Mark Tonra, Spot the Frog by Mark Heath, Bo Nanas by John Kovaleski, Lucky Cow by Mark Pett and Oh, Brother by Jay Stephens and Bob Weber Jr..

Head over to read his remarks about these strips.

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 5:02 pm

Ed Power’s/Melissa DeJesus’ My Cage which ran from 2007 to 2010 (and now is rerun on didn’t make the cut in this article?

#2 John Platt
@ 7:04 am

I loved Top Of The World, it was one of 3 of my all time favourite strips. I wish there was a book collection available of it.

#3 mark mason
@ 2:58 pm

I concur with most of the strips cited. I was a big fan of Franklin Fibbs. The concept was unique and the writing competent, but it was the artwork of Wes Hargis that really hooked me. King Features mailed me a press kit shortly after the strip was released and the art just blows me away.

#4 Steve Hubbell
@ 11:19 pm

I have really enjoyed the work of both Mark Tonra and Mark Pett, both have a lot of talent and deserve to be better known. The other four strips and/or creators I have never read.

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