Happy Holidays; Closing down for the year

To everyone celebrating Christmas (or the December holiday of your choosing), I wish you all a happy holiday. Stay safe and I’ll see you back here on January 3rd unless breaking news happens.

To send you all off, here is a caption contest using my holiday card for this year. Put your best caption in the comments.

Click the image to see the original cartoon and caption.


26 thoughts on “Happy Holidays; Closing down for the year

  1. “I knew those elves were up to something in that workshop of his.” 🙂 Merry Christmas!!! 🙂

  2. The reindeer is saying, “Looks like Santa is ready to stop by Mark Tatulli’s house”.

    Bwa ha ha ha… Kidding Mark! You are my 7th favorite cartoonist… no wait 9th………. 15th if we factor in unsyndicated cartoonists… if that’s the case I jump to number 5……. just in front of Danny Boris and the judges in the upcoming Cartoonist Studio contest. Once the contest is over, Mark will move up a few notches……… but will still be behind me and Charmy’s Army…. PLUG!

  3. He claims that the new suit protects him better from the cold. Between you and me though, I think he’s not telling us something about Rudolph’s nose. Have you seen the way it glows!

  4. “Oh @#%&, did Rudolph eat bean burritos for lunch again?”
    “Is Santa delivery Stephan Patis’s latest Perals Before Swine books?” – Bwa ha ha ha! Honestly, Stephan is one of my heroes. I think he is number 2!!!!

  5. “Blitzen, I told you to go before we left the workshop. If you just stand like this, you’ll be okay until we get to the first rest stop”…….. Bwa ha ha ha!!!!!!!

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