Profiled: Susie Cagle and her coverage of Occupy Oakland

The SF Weekly interviews cartoonist and journalist Susie Cagle and her coverage of the Occupy Oakland movment.

You mention that the best way to portray this is through words and images. The cool thing about your work to me is that it has a personal interpretation, because you’re drawing it, not photographing it.
Drawing is just as subjective as writing and just as subjective as photography. Photography to me is not pure documentation because the photographer chose and angle and chose a subject and chose the timing. I try to be intellectually honest with the way I draw things. I very rarely do caricatures. I also don’t exaggerate what people say and do, which is what people think of when they hear “cartoons” and “cartoonists.” I get what you’re saying. It is a personal filter. I just see that personal filter in all different sorts of media. It’s just really obvious in drawing because you see the drawing style before anything else.