Gary Brookins to appear in Spielberg movie

Former Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial cartoonist and Pluggers and Shoe cartoonist Gary Brookins spent a week as an extra in a Steven Spielberg movie entitled “Lincoln” that is set to hit theaters in 2012. Gary reports on his blog that he is in scenes with Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader and Sally Field during filming in Richmond and Petersburg Virginia.

3 thoughts on “Gary Brookins to appear in Spielberg movie

  1. For me to appear in an NCS video, somebody’s got to cough up some dough (at least as much as I got paid per day on the Spielberg movie ;>) Non-union, “background actors” get $79.25 per day (for 8 hours), time-and-a-half overtime, PLUS I got an extra $9 a day for having a beard! And I’m not sure what the rate was, but I think they threw in a little extra for “smoke” pay . . . All my filming was in the Virginia House of Delegates, which was supposed to be the U. S. House chambers, and it had artificial smoke blown in from two machines. Since there is a state law prohibiting actual smoking in state buildings, cigar smoking was not allowed. To simulate it, before each shot a couple of crew members dropped incense next to cigars in the ashtrays on the desks. The smoke machines weren’t bad, but it was some nasty-smelling incense!

  2. Well just to let NCS know, I will work for free if I ever get syndicated and they wish for me to be in a video! Oh course, I am never getting syndicated so it is a mute point. And actually, with all the strips being dropped lately from our newspapers, the pickings for the cast is getting slimmer by the day!!!!

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